Open2Dprot 20060607 – Proteomics Exploratory Data Analysis Software

Open2Dprot 20060607


The Open2Dprot project is a community effort to create an open source n-dimensional (n-D) protein expression data pipeline-analysis system. It is downloadable and could be used for exploratory data analysis of protein expression data across sets of n-dimensional (n-D) data from research experiments. In the initial phase, as early beta-level versions of the pipeline modules are created, they are made available for download and may be used for performing parts of the analysis. Interchangeable subproject modules are being developed for 2-dimensional data including 2D-PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis). Initial support for 2D LC-MS, protein arrays and other data will also be provided. In the second phase, it will be expanded to handle data from other n-dimensional protein separation methods as well as more extensive analyses on these data.



Open2Dprot Team




  • Windows / MacOsX / Linux
  • Java





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