Mouse Atlas Data Analysis CD-ROMs 0403

Mouse Atlas Data Analysis CD-ROMs 0403


Mouse Atlas data and software is available in a set of CD-ROMs.


Software CD contains software that can be installed on a users own computer.The software includes the MAPaint and Java WlzViewer programs. These programs allow the user to view the Mouse Atlas 3D models and anatomy domains in any plane. MAPaint can also be used to paint and define arbitrary regions in 2D and 3D space. A suite of utility programs is also included, that enables manipulation of spatial data, and conversion from the Mouse Atlas woolz image format to more common image formats (jpg, tif, etc.).

Data CD contain the set of MouseAtlas 3D models.The models can be used in conjunction with the software to browse the 3D structures, identify anatomy components, and prepare data for inclusion in the database of gene expression


 EMAP • Human Genetics Unit • Medical Research Council



  • Windows / Mac OsX


  Mouse Atlas Data Analysis CD-ROMs 


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