MOSFLM 7.2.1 / iMOSFLM 7.2.1 – Integration of Macromolecular Diffraction Data

MOSFLM 7.2.1 / iMOSFLM 7.2.1


Mosflm is a program for integrating single crystal diffraction data from area detectors. It is assumed that the experiment was conducted using the Arndt-Wonacott oscillation method, and also that monochromatic radiation was used.

iMOSFLM is a graphical user interface to the diffraction data-integration program MOSFLM. It is designed to simplify data processing by dividing the process into a series of steps, which are normally carried out sequentially. Each step has its own display pane, allowing control over parameters that influence that step and providing graphical feedback to the user.


Harry Powell







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