Molkin 3.0 – Genetic analysis of Populations using Molecular Coancestry Information

Molkin 3.0


MolKin is a population genetics computer program that conducts several genetic analyses on multilocus information in a user-friendly environment. Primary functions carried out by MolKin are the computation of the between individuals (and populations) molecular coancestry coefficients (fij), the Kinship distance (Dk) at individual and population levels. Additionally, users can compute with MolKin a set of among populations, genetic distances and F-statistics (Wright, 1978) from multilocus information. The current version of MolKin provides different methods to quantify contributions to diversity to set priorities for conservation. The program will help researchers or those responsible for population management to assess genetic variability and population structure at reduced costs with respect to dataset preparation.



Juan Pablo Gutiérrez García



  • Windows





Gutierrez, Royo, Alvarez, Goyache (2005),
Molkin v2.0: a computer program for genetic analysis of populations using molecular coancestry information“,
Journal of Heredity, 96:718-721.

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