Molgenis 15.04 – Generate Databases for Life Science Experiments

Molgenis 15.04


MOLGENIS ( MOLecular GENetics Information Systems) is an collaborative open source project on a mission to generate great software infrastructure for life science research. Each app in the MOLGENIS family comes with rich data management interface and plug-in integration of analysis tools in R, Java and web services. The MOLGENIS platform allows you to automatically generate rich database software to your specifications, including web user interfaces to manage and query your data, various database back ends to store your data, and programmatic interfaces to the R language and web services. You tell MOLGENIS what to generate using an data model and user interface model described in XML; at the push of a button MOLGENIS translates this model into SQL, Java and R program files. Also documentation is generated. While the standard generated MOLGENIS is sufficient for most data management needs, MOLGENIS also allows you to plug in handwritten software components that build on the auto-generated software platform.


the Genomics Coordination Centre








BMC Bioinformatics. 2010 Dec 21;11 Suppl 12:S12.
The MOLGENIS toolkit: rapid prototyping of biosoftware at the push of a button.
Swertz MA, Dijkstra M, Adamusiak T, van der Velde JK, Kanterakis A, Roos ET, Lops J, Thorisson GA, Arends D, Byelas G, Muilu J, Brookes AJ, de Brock EO, Jansen RC, Parkinson H.

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