MLDA 2.0 – Methylation Linear Discriminant Analysis

MLDA 2.0


MLDA (Methylation Linear Discriminant Analysis)is a method to identify the differentially methylated loci on CpG island array using Differential Methylation Hybridisation(DMH). It utilizes linear regression models of non-normalised hybridisation data to define methylation status. Log-transformed signal intensities of unmethylated controls on the microarray are used as a reference. The signal intensities of DNA samples digested with methylation sensitive restriction enzymes and mock digested are then transformed to the likelihood of a locus being methylated using this reference. We tested the ability of MLDA to identify loci differentially methylated as analysed by DMH between cisplatin sensitive and resistant ovarian cancer cell lines. MLDA identified 115 differentially methylated loci and 23 out of 26 of these loci have been independently validated by Methylation Specific PCR and/or bisulphite pyrosequencing.


Dr. Wei Dai








Wei Dai et al.
Methylation Linear Discriminant Analysis (MLDA) for identifying differentially methylated CpG islands
BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:337

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