MetWAMer 1.3.2 – Translation Initiation Site (TIS) Identification

MetWAMer 1.3.2


MetWAMer currently implements five distinct methods for TIS prediction, the most accurate of which is a routine that combines weighted, signal-based translation initiation site scores and the contrast in coding potential of sequences flanking TISs using a perceptron. Also, our program implements clustering capabilities through use of the k-medoids algorithm, thereby enabling cluster-specific TIS parameter utilization. In practice, our static weight array matrix-based indexing method for parameter set lookup can be used with good results in data sets exhibiting moderate levels of 5′-complete coverage.


The Brendel Group @ Indiana University


  • Linux





Sparks, M.E. & Brendel, V. (2008)
MetWAMer: eukaryotic translation initiation site prediction.
BMC Bioinformatics, 9, 381.

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