MetaPlab 1.3 / MP-GeneticSynth – Virtual laboratory for Biological Systems

MetaPlab 1.3 / MP-GeneticSynth


MetaPlab is a virtual laboratory which aims at assisting modellers both to understand the internal mechanisms of biological systems and to forecast, in silico, their response to external stimuli, environmental condition alterations or structural changes. MetaPlab framework is based on a core module which enables to design and manage biological models, and an extensible set of plugins by which MP models can be generated, optimized, simulated and analysed.


MP-GeneticSynth is a Java tool for discovering the logic and regulation mechanisms responsible for observed biological dynamics in terms of finite difference recurrent equations.


MetaPlab team




  • Linux / Windows / MacOsX
  • Java





MP-GeneticSynth: Inferring Biological Network Regulations from Time Series.
Castellini A, Paltrinieri D, Manca V.
Bioinformatics. 2014 Oct 24. pii: btu694

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