MASon rev12 – Reduce the Computing Time of NGS Analysis Pipelines

MASon rev12


MASon (Million Alignments in Seconds) is a C++ library that uses high performance architectures to reduce the computing time of NGS analysis pipelines.MASon employs an optimized SW implementation to align NGS reads and exploits graphic cards (CUDA, OpenCL) and CPU vector instructions (SSE, OpenCL). This allows computation of millions of short local pairwise sequence alignments (36bp – 1,000bp) within a few seconds. MASon can be easily integrated into NGS analysis pipelines and allows programmers to optimally utilize modern hardware, ranging from desktop computers to high-end clusters.


 the Center of Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna (CIBIV) headed by Arndt von Haeseler.








Rescheneder, P., von Haeseler, A., Sedlazeck, F. J.,
Mason: Million alignments in seconds,
In Proceedings of the International Conference on Bioinformatics: Models, Methods and Algorithms, 2012, Algarve, Portugal

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