Make2D-DB II 3.10.2 – Gel Electrophoresis 2D-PAGE Databases

Make2D-DB II 3.10.2


Make2D-DB II is an environment to create, convert, publish, interconnect and keep up-to-date two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2D-PAGE) databases.  It converts data from various formats into a relational format. The tool offers the possibility to automatically update data related to numerous external data resources in a highly consistent manner. It is also possible with this tool to dynamically interconnect several remote databases or projects to form a virtual global database accessible from one single entry point.

Make2D-DB II Online Version


The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics




  • Linux


  Make2D-DB II 



Mostaguir K, Hoogland C, Binz PA, Appel RD.
The Make 2D-DB II package: conversion of federated two-dimensional gel electrophoresis databases into a relational format and interconnection of distributed databases.
Proteomics. 2003 Aug;3(8):1441-4.

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