MAF – LIMS with Extended support for Nylon based Microarrays



MAF (MicroArray Facility) is the laboratory database system we have developed for managing the design, production and hybridization of spotted microarrays. Although it supports the widely used glass microarrays and oligo-chips, MAF was designed with the specific idiosyncrasies of Nylon based microarrays in mind. Notably single channel radioactive probes, microarray stripping and reuse, vector control hybridizations and spike-in controls are all natively supported by the software suite. MicroArray Facility is MIAME supportive and dynamically provides feedback on missing annotations to help users estimate effective MIAME compliance. Genomic data such as clone identifiers and gene symbols are also directly annotated by MAF software using standard public resources. The MAGE-ML data format is implemented for full data export. Journalized database operations (audit tracking), data anonymization, material traceability and user/project level confidentiality policies are also managed by MAF.

MAF Online


The TAGC Laboratory




  • Linux  / WIndows / MacOsX
  • SQL Server
  • perl





BMC Genomics. 2006 Sep 20;7:240.
MicroArray Facility: a laboratory information management system with extended support for Nylon based technologies.
Honoré P, Granjeaud S, Tagett R, Deraco S, Beaudoing E, Rougemont J, Debono S, Hingamp P.