inGeno 0.6 – Integrated Genome and Ortholog Viewer

inGeno 0.6


inGeno is designed for genome sequence comparisons, which has been proven to be powerful, in particular to prokaryotic genomes of close phylogenetic distances. The original purpose of this software is to user-friendly visualize the corresponding relationships between orthologous genes. Step by step, a series of algorithms are implemented and integrated together, thus enable a noise-reducing process, a locus collinear block recognition and a text-mining step, which are helpful for users to extract biological information precisely.


Department of BioinformaticsBiocenterUniversity of Würzburg, Germany



  • Windows / Mac /  Linux
  • Java





inGeno–an integrated genome and ortholog viewer for improved genome to genome comparisons.
Liang C, Dandekar T.
BMC Bioinformatics. 2006 Oct 20;7:461.

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