IDEAL-Q 1.063 – Mass Spectrometry Protein Quantitation

IDEAL-Q 1.063


IDEAL-Q is an automated analysis tool for label-free quantitative proteomics. It accepts mzXML raw data format and Mascot xml and ProtXML/PepXML for identification result. IDEAL-Q uses an elution time prediction and peak alignment algorithms to quantify peptides across different LC-MS runs and increase quantitation coverage. Furthermore, the tool adopts an stringent validation step on Signal-to-noise ratio, Charge state, Isotopic distribution (SCI validation) to ensure quantitation accuracy. IDEAL-Q provides variously optional normalization tools for flexible workflow design such as addition of fractionation strategies and multiple spiked internal standards



Computational Omics Labortary, Academia Sinica



  •  Windows





Chih-Chiang Tsou et al. ,
IDEAL-Q: An automated tool for label-free quantitation analysis using an efficient peptide alignment approach and spectral data validation”,
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, Vol. 9, pp. 131-144, 2010.

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