iAlign 1.1 – Structural alignment for protein-protein

iAlign 1.1


iAlign is a program designed for the comparison of the structures of protein-protein interfaces.


Proteins usually do not act alone. From macromolecular machinery to antibody/antigen complexes, protein-protein interactions play an essential role in a living cell. How do proteins interact with each other? High resolution structures of protein-protein complexes provide valuable insights into the mechanisms of protein-protein interactions. Structural comparison of protein-protein interfaces further facilitates studies of protein-protein interaction modes and helps to infer relationship between proteins


Mu GaoCenter for the Study of Systems Biology


  • Linux





M. Gao and J. Skolnick, 2010.
iAlign: a method for the structural comparison of protein-protein interfaces.
Bioinformatics, 26(18):2259-65.

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