HiTRACE 2.0.7 / HiTRACE-Web – High-Throughput Robust Analysis for Capillary Electrophoresis

HiTRACE 2.0.7 / HiTRACE-Web


HiTRACE is a suite of robust and efficient analysis software to facilitate the analysis of large-scale high-throughput CE data.It has been intensively used for quantitating data for RNA and DNA based on the mutate-and-map methodology, chromatin footprinting, and other high-throughput structure mapping techniques.

HiTRACE-Web is an online version of HiTRACE that presents both standard features previously available only in the MATLAB environment as well as additional features such as automated band annotation and flexible adjustment of annotations, all via an integrative, user-friendly, and interactive environment.


Das LabAdvanced Computing Laboratory, Seoul National University.




  • Linux /  MacOsX/ Windows
  • MatLab





HiTRACE-Web: an online tool for robust analysis of high-throughput capillary electrophoresis.
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