HapScope 20030203 – Analysis of Functionally Annotated Haplotypes

HapScope 20030203


HapScope includes a comprehensive analysis pipeline and a sophisticated visualization tool for analyzing functionally annotated haplotypes. The HapScope analysis pipeline supports: a) computational haplotype construction with an EM or Bayesian statistical algorithm; b) SNP classification by protein coding change, homology to model organisms or putative regulatory regions; c) minimum SNP subset selection by either a Brute Force Algorithm or a Greedy Partition Algorithm. The HapScope viewer displays genomic structure with haplotype information in an integrated environment, providing eight alternative views for assessing genetic and functional correlation. It has a user-friendly interface for: a) haplotype block visualization; b) SNP subset selection; c) haplotype consolidation with subset SNP markers; d) incorporation of both experimentally determined haplotypes and computational results; e) data export for additional analysis.



Jinghui Zhang



  • Linux / Windows





Nucleic Acids Res. 2002 Dec 1;30(23):5213-21.
HapScope: a software system for automated and visual analysis of functionally annotated haplotypes.
Zhang J, Rowe WL, Struewing JP, Buetow KH.

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