Haplotype meta-analysis – Meta-analysis of Haplotype Association Studies

Haplotype meta-analysis


Haplotype meta-analysis is a STATA programs for meta-analysis of haplotype association studies.It use summary-based data as well as methods that use binary and count data in a generalized linear mixed model framework (logistic regression, multinomial regression and Poisson regression). The methods presented here avoid the inflation of the type I error rate that could be the result of the traditional approach of comparing a haplotype against the remaining ones, whereas, they can be fitted using standard software. Moreover, formal global tests are presented for assessing the statistical significance of the overall association. Although the methods presented here assume that the haplotypes are directly observed, they can be easily extended to allow for such an uncertainty by weighting the haplotypes by their probability.



Computational Genetics Group




  • Windows/MacOsX/Linux
  • Stata


 Haplotype meta-analysis



Bagos PG.
Meta-analysis of haplotype-association studies: Comparison of methods and an empirical evaluation of the literature, 2011,
BMC Genetics, 12:8

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