GrASP 0.6 beta – Graphical Assessment of Sliding P-values

GrASP 0.6 beta


GrASP (Graphical Assessment of Sliding P-values)  is a graphical tool to display and assess p-values from sliding window tests. It can present thousands of p-values from the sliding window tests as a simple graphic that uses varying levels of user-specified color to indicate the width of the sliding windows and the varying levels of significance. It therefore allows the user to identify regions/blocks of interest from these sliding windows, based jointly on the absolute p-value of the tests from these windows and the building of haplotypes of significance in the region. GrASP is executed as an Excel macro and is written in Excel’s built-in version of Visual Basic for Applications.



Rasika Mathias @ NHGRI




  • Windows
  • Excel
  • Perl





Mathias, R.A., Gao, P., Goldstein, J.L., Wilson, A.F., Pugh, E.W., Furbert-Harris, P., Dunston, G., Malveaux, F., Togias, A., Barnes, K.C., Beaty, T.H., Huang, S.K. 2006.
A graphical assessment of p-values from sliding window haplotype tests of association to identify asthma susceptibility loci on chromosome 11q.
BMC Genet. 14;7(1):38.

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