GenePublisher 1.03 – Analysis of DNA Microarray Data

GenePublisher 1.03


GenePublisher performs automated data analysis from gene expression experiments on a number of different platforms. This server accepts gene tables or Affymetrix CEL files as input, performs numerical and statistical analysis, links the results to various databases, and returns a report of the results. The input data is deleted immediately upon completion of the analysis unless you select the database option below.



CBS (Center for Biological Sequence Analysis) at Technical University of Denmark



  • web browser


Input restrictions:

  • The input CEL files must be compressed with gzip (available from and cannot be more than 30 Mbytes in total size. That corresponds to 12 HuGeneFL chips, 10 HG_U95A chips, 22 Focus chips, 8 HG-U133A chips, and so on. The maximum number of chips accepted on this web server is currently 12. There is another server without input restrictions.
  • Avoid using characters _, &, %, # in the input as they may interfere with analysis.

For publication of results, please cite:

GenePublisher: Automated Analysis of DNA Microarray Data.
Knudsen, S., Workman, C., Sicheritz-Ponten, T., and Friis, C.
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 31, No. 13 3471-3476.

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