GeneLink 1.7 – Data Management System to Facilitate Genetic Studies of Complex Traits

GeneLink 1.7


GeneLink is a data management system designed to facilitate genetic studies of complex traits.In contrast to gene-mapping studies of simple Mendelian disorders, genetic analyses of complex traits are far more challenging, and high quality data-management systems are often critical to the success of these projects. For this reason, we have developed GeneLink, a Web-accessible, password-protected Sybase database that enables genotypic data to be merged easily with pedigree and extensive phenotypic data. GeneLink was designed specifically to facilitate large-scale (multi-center), genetic linkage or association studies and is a powerful tool for complex trait mapping. GeneLink securely and efficiently handles large amounts of data, as well as provides additional features to facilitate quality control and analysis of data generated. In particular, chromosome-specific data files containing marker data in genetic map order can be downloaded in various formats appropriate for downstream analyses (e.g. GAS, LINKAGE). Furthermore, an unlimited number of phenotypes (either qualitative or quantitative) can be stored and analyzed. Finally, GeneLink generates several quality assurance reports, including genotyping success rates of specified DNA samples or success and heterozygosity rates for specified markers. GeneLink has already proven an invaluable tool for complex trait mapping studies and is discussed primarily in the context of our large, multi-center study of hereditary prostate cancer (HPC).







  • Unix
  • Sybase SQL
  • Perl
  • Apache





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GeneLink: A Database to Facilitate Genetic Studies of Complex Traits.
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