GeneCite 3.0 – High-throughput Literature and Pathway Mining

GeneCite 3.0


GeneCite is a generalized query application that allows you to specify sophisticated sets of queries and generates a table of the number of bio-related records found for each query. The table can be presented as a Web page or in a standard spreadsheet format that will allow you to view the full output of only those queries that generate an interesting number of records. Currently, GeneCite allows you to submit ‘term’-type queries to web based PubMed database and UniSTS database, as well as PathwayScreen database stored in Microsoft Access software. You provide the application with partial queries in standard ASCII text files. These queries can then be combined in various ways to produce the set of queries that is sent to the databases, called a search. The program stores the number of citations returned for each query. The result of a search is a column (one-dimensional) or a table (two-dimensional) of those counts, depending on the type of search selected.



Walter Reed Army Institute of Research



  • Linux / Windows / MacOsX
  • Java





OMICS. 2007 Summer;11(2):143-51.
GeneCite: a stand-alone open source tool for high-throughput literature and pathway mining.
Hammamieh R, Chakraborty N, Wang Y, Laing M, Liu Z, Mulligan J, Jett M.