GENE-E 1.0 – Exploration of data sets derived from RNAi

GENE-E 1.0


GENE-E (Gene Experiment) is a Java desktop application developed to allow the rapid visual exploration of data sets derived from RNAi and chemical screens. GENE-E’s user interface is based on an interactive heat map that allows users to easily highlight and drill down to regions of interest. GENE-E was designed to display data in an integrated fashion. For example, users can simultaneously view dose response data for large numbers of cell lines and compounds or genetic perturbations, known mutations in the cell lines, category information for compounds (e.g., EGFR inhibitors), statistical information about the cell lines and compounds, and other metadata about the compounds, such as the source of the compound or RNAi construct.





  • Linux / Windows / MacOsX
  • Java




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