GEDI 2.1 – Analysis of Microarray Data

GEDI 2.1


GEDI (Gene Expression Dynamics Inspector) is a program that opens a new perspective to the analysis of microarray data (e.g., gene expression profiling). Unlike traditional gene clustering software, GEDI is primarily “sample-oriented” rather than “gene-oriented”. By treating each high-dimensional sample, such as one microarray experiment, as an object, it accentuates the genome-wide response of a tissue or a patient and treats it as an integrated biological entity. Hence, GEDI honors the new spirit of a “system-level” approach in biology. Yet, it also allows the researcher to quickly zoom-in from global patterns onto individual genes that exhibit interesting expression behavior and retrieve gene-specific information. Therefore, GEDI unites a novel holistic perspective with the traditional gene-centered approach in molecular biology.


The Ingber laboratory, Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School



  • Windows





Eichler, G.S., Huang, S. Ingber, D.E.,
Gene Expression Dynamics Inspector (GEDI): for integrative analysis of expression profiles,
Bioinformatics, 2003;19(17),2321-2

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