GDIS 0.99 – Visualization Program for Molecular and Periodic Systems

GDIS 0.99


GDIS is a freely available chemical visualization program for displaying molecules, periodic structures, and crystal morphologies. A key feature of the package is the mechanism for constructing and manipulating arbitrary crystal surfaces. This enables GDIS to offer a powerful tool set for computing surface and interfacial properties and predicting crystal morphologies. Also included are modules for computing powder diffraction patterns, generating molecular surfaces, and analyzing dynamics trajectories. Further, the program may be used as a graphical interface to simplify the construction of input files for the command line codes: GULP, GAMESS(US), and SIESTA.


Sean Fleming



  • Windows/Linux/MacOsX





Sean Fleming and Andrew Rohl (2005).
GDIS: a visualization program for molecular and periodic systems.
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie: Vol. 220, Issue 5-6 Computational Crystallography, pp. 580-584.
doi: 10.1524/zkri.220.5.580.65071

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