GAAS – Gene Array Analyzer Software



GAAS (Gene Array Analyzer Software) is an integrated software framework for efficient management, analysis and visualization of large amounts of gene expression data across replicated experiments. It is structured in management, analysis and visualization sections that allow dealing with several gene expression dataset formats, custom differential expression data analyses, suitable visualization, and storage of results.


The software performs pre-processing of gene expression data transforming any input data structure in MS-Excel format into a built-in database-based data structure in MS-Access format, perform fast differential gene expression analyses across multiple replica experiments.

GAAS is designed for a multi-user environment, enabling each user to store its own parameter values used to perform the analyses, and define data visualization schema and format of the output data.


Pietro Cerveri, PhD  &  Marco Masseroli, PhD




GAAS ; Testing Data Packages



Masseroli M, Cerveri P, Pelicci PG, Alcalay M.
GAAS: Gene Array Analyzer Software for management, analysis and visualization of gene expression data.
Bioinformatics 2003 April 12; 19(6): 774-775.
[Abstract], [PDF], [PubMed].

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