FPCBrowser 1.5 – Analyze Clone Pooling data

FPCBrowser 1.5


FPCBrowser was initially designed as a portable physical map viewer to comprehensively view FPC contig maps and related information such as clones, fingerprints, and markers in multiple platforms. A Java-based relational database, HSQLDB, was adopted in FPCBrowser to store all source data of a FPC contig map and the fingerprints of BAC clones in a physical mapping project. Some utilities have been implemented to extract useful information from FPC databases. A program module of the clone deconvolution was appended to FPCBrowser for BAC library screening using the new high-throughput five-dimensional clone pooling strategy.


Plant Genome Research Program: Physical Mapping of the Wheat D genome



  • Windows/Linux/MacOsX
  • Java





You FM, Luo MC, Xu K, Deal KR, Anderson OD, Dvorak J.
A new implementation of high-throughput five-dimensional clone pooling strategy for BAC library screening.
BMC Genomics. 2010 Dec 6;11:692.