Famsphere 0.4 – Parental Allocation from known Genotypic Pools

Famsphere 0.4


FamSphere is a C++ computer program that implements a distance-based method to allocate families based on co-dominant molecular marker information. FamSphere models an offspring as a 2n dimensional (n = loci number) sphere with a center (the genotype) and a radius (the mutation or genotyping error allowed). Thus, an individual will be a putative parent if it falls inside the sphere of a given offspring. The model is a formalization of the exclusion method taking into account genotyping errors or mutation. Indeed, when multiple-paternity is not excluded there are rules that provide a way to assign paternity, which is not present in the exclusion method.


Antonio Carvajal-Rodriguez 




  • Windows / MacOsX / Linux





Carvajal-Rodríguez A 2007.
FamSphere: A computer program for parental allocation from known genotypic pools.
Molecular Ecology Notes 7:213-216

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