EMEN 2.2b7 / EMDash 2.2b5 – Object Oriented Database and Electronic Lab Notebook / Client Utilities

EMEN 2.2b7 / EMDash 2.2b5


EMEN (Electron Microscopy Electronic Notebook) is an object oriented database and electronic lab notebook. It is designed to store scientific data in a freeform way without limiting the ability to search/mine the results. Unlike a traditional database, where the contents of each record type (table) must be defined by a database administrator and strictly adhered to, each individual record in EMEN2 can have arbitrary additional parameters outside the record definition, and all such parameters remain fully searchable.

EMDash: EMEN2 Client


The National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (NCMI)




  • Windows  / Linux / MacOsX
  • Python


 EMEN / EMDash



Microsc Microanal. 2003 Dec;9(6):556-65.
Object oriented database and electronic notebook for transmission electron microscopy.
Ludtke SJ, Nason L, Tu H, Peng L, Chiu W.

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