EMAN 2.1 – a suite of Scientific Image Processing tools

EMAN 2.1


EMAN (Electron Microscopy ANalysis)is a suite of scientific image processing tools aimed primarily at the transmission electron microscopy community, though it is beginning to be used in other fields as well. EMAN has a particular focus on performing a task known as single particle reconstruction. In this method, images of nanoscale molecules and molecular assemblies embedded in vitreous (glassy) ice are collected on a transmission electron microscope, then processed using EMAN to produce a complete 3-D recosntruction at resolutions now approaching atomic resolution. For low resolution structures (~2 nm), this may require ~8 hours of computer processing and a few thousand particles. For structures aimed at ~0.5 nm or better resolution, hundreds of thousands of particles and hundreds of thousands of CPU-hours (on large computational clusters) may be required. Indeed, EMAN is often used in supercomputing facilities as a test application for large-scale computing.



The National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (NCMI)



  • Windows  / Linux / MacOsX
  • Python





Tang, G., Peng, L., Baldwin, P.R., Mann, D.S., Jiang, W., Rees, I. & Ludtke, S.J., 2007,
EMAN2: an extensible image processing suite for electron microscopy,
Journal of structural biology, 157(1), pp. 38-46.

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