eBAS 3.6 – eMOTIF Batch Analysis Suite

eBAS 3.6


eBAS (eMOTIF Batch Analysis Suite permits eMOTIF licensees to analyze groups of proteins or entire proteomes for the presence of eMOTIFs in batch fashion.The core of this software bundle is a Makefile script that has streamlined and automated the steps involved in running the database of eMOTIFS against multiple ORFs, genomes, and proteomes. ebas accepts FASTA-formatted ORF sequences, FASTA-formatted genomic DNA sequences, and FASTA-formatted protein sequences as input. eBAS assumes the ORFs are reported in the right frame; therefore, ebas will only translate one frame of the ORF sequences. Genomic DNA sequences, on the other hand, may or may not code for proteins; ebas, therefore, will translate all six frames of the genomic DNA sequences. The input protein and translated sequences are then piped to eMOTIF-SEARCH for automated classification. ebas has been applied to coding sequences derived from the Arabidopsis thaliana genomic sequence.



 The Brutlag Bioinformatics Group




  • Linux / Mac OsX
  • C Complier





Huang, J. Y. and Brutlag, D. L. (2001).
The eMOTIF Database.
Nucleic Acids Research, 29(1), 202-204.

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