DIYABC 2.1.0 – Approximate Bayesian Computation for Inference on Population history

DIYABC 2.1.0


DIYABC is a computer program with a graphical user interface and a fully click-able environment. It allows population biologists to make inference based on Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC), in which scenarios can be customized by the user to fit many complex situations involving any number of populations and samples. Such scenarios involve any combination of population divergences, admixtures and population size changes. DIYABC can be used to compare competing scenarios, estimate parameters for one or more scenarios, and compute bias and precision measures for a given scenario and known values of parameters (the current version applies to unlinked microsatellite data).


The Center for Biology and Management of Populations @ CBGP



  • Windows / Linux / MacOsX





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DIYABC v2.0: a software to make approximate Bayesian computation inferences about population history using single nucleotide polymorphism, DNA sequence and microsatellite data.
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Inference on population history and model checking using DNA sequence and microsatellite data with the software DIYABC (v1.0).
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