DipoCoup 1.0 – 3D-structure Homology Comparison

DipoCoup 1.0


DipoCoup is presented that allows to search the protein data bank for proteins which have a three dimensional fold that is at least partially homologous to a protein under investigation. The program offers a fast and comfortable tool analyzing and handling dipolar coupling data. Powder pattern can be visualized, theoretical dipolar couplings can be calculated for a given structure and alignment and experimental values can be fitted over one or even a set of structures in order to perform e. g. a 3D homology search for proteins. A well distributed database extracted from the PDB is available. Moreover restraint files for XPlor and CNS calculations can be written.


Jens Meiler



  • Windows





J Biomol NMR. 2000 Aug;17(4):283-94.
DipoCoup: A versatile program for 3D-structure homology comparison based on residual dipolar couplings and pseudocontact shifts.
Meiler J, Peti W, Griesinger C.