Dancer 1.1.1 – Digital Anatomical Reconstruction of Gene Expression data

Dancer 1.1.1


DANCER (Digital Anatomy Constructor) is a program that can be used to reconstruct anatomical pictures. In general, it fills color into drawn shapes that collectively form a picture that represents the data. The main data source of this program is microarray data, but in situ hybridization-, Northern Blot-, Southern Blot- or any other data can be used. As a result, a picture (for example, a brain section from mouse) is produced where the shapes (for example, brain regions like the hypothalamus) are filled with color that corresponds to the gene expression level.



Liisa Holm’s Bioinformatics Group



  • Windows






Kankainen M and Wong G. (2003)
DANCER: a program for digital anatomical reconstruction of gene expression data.
Nucleic Acids Res, 31, e132.


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