Sep 162015

CS-PSeq-Gen 1.0


CS-PSeq-Gen is a program derived from PSeq-Gen, a program developed by Nick C. Grassly and Andrew Rambaut, designed to simulate the evolution of protein sequences along evolutionary trees. CS-PSeq-Gen modifications are related to the aim of simulating the evolution of protein sequences under the constraints of the information of a particular reconstructed phylogeny: the “root sequence” that initiates the simulation, or the rate heterogeneity among sites are specific on each particular protein family. CS-Pseq-Gen will allow simulations to take such information into account. As well, exploring the evolution of one protein family and testing hypotheses makes often it necessary to have some control on the variability of the parameters. CS-PSeq-Gen will allow some control on the simulated tree / branch lengths around an average value. Finally, a particular category of applications for such simulations is the search for the significant co-evolution of sites. CS-PSeq-Gen offers some facilities to generate sequences under such hypotheses, and propose a basic scheme for their detection, that can be easily adapted by programmers.


P. Tufféry  ( )




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Tufféry, P.
CS-PSeq-Gen: Simulating the evolution of protein sequence under constraints
Bioinformatics, Volume 18, Number 7, July 2002 , pp. 1015-1016(2)


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