Confocal Assistant 4.02 – 3D Analysis of Confocal Images

Confocal Assistant 4.02


Confocal Assistant (CAS) is an excellent image stack (e.g. serial sections (z-series) or time lapse (t-series)) viewing and processing program.  It performs functions such contrast enhancement consistently on each image of whole stacks, simple maximum brightness projections of z-series stacks as well as generating stereo and anaglyph pairs.  Confocal Assistant is intended for use with Biorad confocal PIC format image z-series stacks, and has limited file conversion capabilities.  PIC file stacks of multiple channels may be merged together into and red/green/blue AVI format movie, which is viewable in windows.  Despite its limitations this program is useful and quick enough, that it is well worth the effort of converting Leica Tiff z-series stacks or time series into Biorad PIC format, and if desired from PIC format back into a series of bitmaps.



Todd Clark Brelje , University of Minnesota



  • Windows


Confocal Assistant


Version has not changed since 1996, but still runs well on most Windows platforms.

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