Combined_LRT 1.0 – Combined Likelihood Ratio Test for Candidate Gene Studies

Combined_LRT 1.0


Combined_LRT (The Combined Likelihood Ratio Test) is an extension of the original likelihood ratio test (LRT) proposed by Weinberg et al. (1999) to test child genotype risk, maternal genotype effects and parent-of-origin (POO) effects. This program uses single locus genotype data from case-parent triads to fit a log-linear model with genotype and imprinting effects at a candidate gene. The model is fit to bi-allelic data with possible missing genotype data for the mother or father, and includes sibling genotypes. Likelihood ratio tests for parameter effects are obtained from program output.



Duke Molecular Physiology Institute








Rampersaud E, Morris RW, Weinberg CR, Speer MC, Martin ER.
Power calculations for likelihood ratio tests for offspring genotype risks, maternal effects, and parent-of-origin (POO) effects in the presence of missing parental genotypes when unaffected siblings are available.
Genet Epidemiol. 2007 Jan;31(1):18-30.

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