CNVEM 0.710 – Infer Carrier Status of CNVs in Large Samples from SNP Genotyping Data

CNVEM 0.710


CNVEM is a Bayesian Expectation-Maximization algorithm that infers carrier status of CNVs in large samples from SNP genotyping data, such as are available in genome-wide association studies. Using Bayesian computations the program calculates the posterior probability for carrier status of known CNV in each individual of a sample by jointly analyzing genotype information and hybridization intensity. Signal intensity is modeled as a mixture of normal distributions, allowing for locus-specific and allele-specific distributions. Using an expectation maximization algorithm, these distributions are estimated and then used to infer the carrier status of each individual the boundaries of the CNV.



Sebastian Zöllner @ the Center for Statistical Genetics




  • Linux /  Windows / MacOsX
  • C Complier




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