CMC 20100422 – Cross-mapping Correction software

CMC 20100422


CMC (Cross-mapping Correction)is a  software of modern high-throughput technologies which enable deep sequencing of non-coding RNA species, such as miRNAs, on an unprecedented scale. When mapping such small RNAs to the genome, cross-mapping may occur, in which RNA sequences originating from one genomic locus are inadvertently mapped to a different locus. This may give rise to spurious novel RNAs, as well as spurious editing sites in known miRNAs. The cross-mapping correction software is a Python script that aims to correct for such cross-mapping effects.










De Hoon, M.J.L., et al. (2010):
Cross-mapping and the identification of editing sites in mature microRNAs in high-throughput sequencing libraries.
Genome Research 20: 257-264 (2010).

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