CLICK – Comparison of Biomolecular 3D Structures



CLICK is capable of superimposing the 3D structures of biomolecules, the Cartesian coordinates of whose constituent atoms are presented in the PDB format. In addition to coordinates, the web server can make use of similarity of other structural features such as secondary structure, solvent accessible surface area, and residue depth to guide the alignment. CLICK first looks for cliques of points (3–7 residues) that are structurally similar in the pair of structures to be aligned. Using these local similarities, a one-to-one equivalence is charted between the residues of the two structures. A least square fit then superimposes the two structures. Our method is especially powerful in establishing protein relationships by detecting similarities in structural subdomains, domains and topological variants.

CLICK Online Version


Bioinformatics Institute of Singapore.




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Nguyen,M.N., Tan,K.P., and Madhusudhan,M.S. (2011)
CLICK – Topology independent comparison of biomolecular 3D structures.
Nucleic Acids Res., doi:10.1093/nar/gkr393

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