CisGenome 2.0 – ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq Data Analysis

CisGenome 2.0


CisGenome is a software system for analyzing genome-wide chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) data. CisGenome is designed to meet all basic needs of ChIP data analyses, including visualization, data normalization, peak detection, false discovery rate computation, gene-peak association, and sequence and motif analysis. In addition to implementing previously published ChIP–microarray (ChIP-chip) analysis methods, the software contains statistical methods designed specifically for ChlP sequencing (ChIP-seq) data obtained by coupling ChIP with massively parallel sequencing. The modular design of CisGenome enables it to support interactive analyses through a graphic user interface as well as customized batch-mode computation for advanced data mining. A built-in browser allows visualization of array images, signals, gene structure, conservation, and DNA sequence and motif information.



Hongkai Ji’s Research Group , The Johns Hopkins University.



  • Windows / MacOsX /  Linux





Hongkai Ji, Hui Jiang, Wenxiu Ma, David S. Johnson, Richard M. Myers and Wing H.Wong (2008)
An integrated software system for analyzing ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq data.
Nature Biotechnology, 26: 1293-1300. doi:10.1038/nbt.1505

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