CgiHunter 1.0 – Exhaustive CpG Island Annotation

CgiHunter 1.0


CgiHunter is a software for the annotation of CpG islands in genomic sequence. DNA sequence are accepted in FASTA format. The generated annotations are exhaustive i.e. all CpG island that matches the given parameters will be identified. CpG islands are genome regions with an elevated Guanine + Cytosine content (GC content) and a higher CpG dinucleotide frequency than observed in the bulk genome. More than half of the human gene promoters colocalize with CpG islands and their methylation status has been shown to correlate with the expression level of the associated genes. As a consequence, CpG islands are assumed to be hotspots of epigenetic regulation.


CgiHunter Online Version


Max-Planck-Institut Informatik



  • Windows/Linux / MacOsX
  • Python





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