CGALN 1.2.3 – Pairwise Genomic Sequence Alignment Program

CGALN 1.2.3


Cgaln (Coarse grained alignment) is a program designed to align a pair of whole genomic sequences of not only bacteria but also entire chromosomes of vertebrates on a nominal desktop computer. Cgaln performs an alignment job in two steps, at the block level and then at the nucleotide level. The former “coarse-grained” alignment can explore genomic rearrangements and reduce the regions to be analyzed in the next step. The latter is devoted to detailed alignment within the limited regions found in the first stage. The output of Cgaln is ‘glocal’ in the sense that rearrangements are taken into consideration while each alignable region is extended as long as possible. Thus, Cgaln is not only fast and memory-efficient, but also can filter noisy outputs without missing the most important homologous segment pairs.



Ryuichiro NAKATO, Osamu Gotoh




  • Linux
  • C++ compiler





Nakato, R., and Gotoh, O. (2010)
Cgaln: fast and space-efficient whole-genome alignment,
BMC Bioinformatics 11, 224.

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