cDNA Analysis Package 0.1.0 – Analysis of Annotated cDNAs

cDNA Analysis Package 0.1.0


cDNA Analysis Package is a software suite for sequence-based bioinformatics analysis of annotated cDNAs, including tools for the detection of translation initiation and termination signals, statistical analysis of codon usage, comparative study of amino acid composition, comparative structure modeling of the product protein structure, identification of alternative splice forms, and comparative systems biology by metabolic pathway reconstruction. Therefore, the analyses implemented in the software system covers the levels of nucleotide sequence, codons, mRNA variants, amino acid sequence, protein structure, and metabolic pathway. Although the target unit is the cDNA, the system can be used for a variety of other data sets including EST, GSS, and complete genome data.



Kazuharu Arakawa





 cDNA Analysis Package


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