CAPweb 2.4 – Web based platform for CGH-array Management and Analysis

CAPweb 2.4


CAPweb (CGH array Analysis Platform on the Web) is intended as a user-friendly tool enabling biologists to completely analyse CGH arrays from the raw data to the visualization and biological interpretation. The user typically performs the following bioinformatics steps of a CGH array project within CAPweb: the secure upload of the results of CGH array image analysis and of the array annotation (genomic position of the probes); first level analysis of each array, including automatic normalization of the data (for correcting experimental biases), breakpoint detection and status assignment (gain, loss or normal); validation or deletion of the analysis based on a summary report and quality criteria; visualization and biological analysis of the genomic profiles and results through a user-friendly interface.


Bioinformatics Laboratory of Institut Curie (Paris).



  • any web browser

  no (only web service)



CAPweb: a bioinformatics CGH array Analysis Platform.
Liva S, Hupé P, Neuvial P, Brito I, Viara E, La Rosa P, Barillot E.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2006 Jul 1;34(Web Server issue):W477-81.

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