BUCKy 1.4.4 – Gene Tree Reconciliation with Bayesian Concordance Analysis

BUCKy 1.4.4


BUCKy (Bayesian Untangling of Concordance Knots) is a free program that implements Bayesian concordance analysis. The method uses a non-parametric clustering of genes with compatible trees, and reconstructs the primary concordance tree from clades supported by the largest proportions of genes. A population tree with branch lengths in coalescent units is estimated from quartet concordance factors. BUCKy estimates the dominant history of sampled individuals, and how much of the genome supports each relationship, using Bayesian concordance analysis. BUCKy does not assume that genes (or loci) all have the same topology. Instead, groups of genes sharing the same tree are detected (while accounting for uncertainty in gene tree estimates), and then combined to gain more resolution on their common tree. No assumption is made regarding the reason for discordance among gene trees.



Cécile Ané Bret Larget




  • Windows / Linux / MacOS
  • C++ Compiler





B. Larget, S.K. Kotha, C.N. Dewey, C. Ané (2010).
BUCKy: Gene tree / species tree reconciliation with the Bayesian concordance analysis.
Bioinformatics (2010) September 21, 2010 doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btq539

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