BRB-ArrayTools 4.5.0 b1 – Visualization & Analysis of DNA Microarray Gene Expression Data

BRB-ArrayTools 4.5.0 b1


BRB-ArrayTools is an integrated software package for the analysis of DNA microarray data.


BRB-ArrayTools contains utilities for processing expression data from multiple experiments, visualization of data, multidimensional scaling, clustering of genes and samples, and classification and prediction of samples. BRB-ArrayTools features drill-down linkage to NCBI databases using clone, GenBank, or UniGene identifiers, and drill-down linkage to the NetAffx database using Probeset ids.

BRB-ArrayTools can be used to analyze both single-channel and dual-channel experiments. The package is very portable and is not restricted to use with any particular array platform, scanners, image analysis software or database. The package is implemented as an Excel add-in so that it has an interface that is familiar to biologists.

The computations are performed by sophisticated and powerful analytics external to Excel but invisible to the user. The software was developed by statisticians experienced in the analysis of microarray data and involved in research on improved analysis tools. BRB-ArrayTools serves as a tool for instructing users on effective and valid methods for the analysis of their data. The existing suite of tools will be updated as new methods of analyses are being developed.


the Biometric Research Branch of the Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis of the National Cancer Institute







Analysis of gene expression data using BRB-ArrayTools.
Simon R, Lam A, Li MC, Ngan M, Menenzes S, Zhao Y.
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