bioECS 1.0 – Biology Easy Cluster Search

bioECS 1.0


BioECS is an ad hoc search engine to help biologists to isolate EST clusters corresponding to their research target, based on cross references between TIGR and Unigene. It allows to filter out EST clusters by combining several criteria based on information about tissues, species, and development stages associated to the EST sequences that form the clusters. The user interface allows to easily access all EST sequences forming the clusters and to browse known GO (Gene Ontology) functions associated to them. The client/server software architecture is based on JAVA and MySQL. It comprises a ‘server’ program responsible for the web-based transactions and local caching of information from the public database servers. A ‘client’ program allows biologists to execute researches.


the Systems and Modeling research unit at the University of Liège (Belgium).



  • Linux / MacOsX / Windows
  • Java