BatchPrimer3 1.0 – High Throughput Web Application for PCR and Sequencing Primer Design

BatchPrimer3 1.0


BatchPrimer3 is a comprehensive web primer design program using Primer3 core program as a major primer design engine to design different types of PCR primers and sequencing primers in a high-through manner. BatchPrimer3 allows users to design several types of primers including generic primers, hybridization oligos, SSR primers together with SSR detection, and SNP genotyping primers (including single-base extension primers, allele-specific primers, and tetra-primers for tetra-primer ARMS PCR), as well as DNA sequencing primers. A batch input of large number of sequences and a tab-delimited result output greatly facilitates rapid primer design and ordering process.


Department of Plant Sciences, University of California



  • Windows/Linux/MacOsX
  • Perl





BatchPrimer3: a high throughput web application for PCR and sequencing primer design.
You FM, Huo N, Gu YQ, Luo MC, Ma Y, Hane D, Lazo GR, Dvorak J, Anderson OD.
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