BAR+ – Functional and Structural Annotation of Protein sequences



BAR+ (Bologna Annotation Resource)is a server for the annotation of protein sequences relying on a comparative large-scale genome analysis across 988 species and the entire UniProt. With BAR+ and a sequence/set of sequences (maximum number per run=50) you can annotate when possible: function (Gene Ontology), structure and ligands (Protein Data Bank), structural classification (SCOP), protein domains (Pfam). Also if your sequence falls into a cluster with a structural/some structural template/s we provide an alignment towards the template/templates based on the Cluster-HMM (HMM profile) that allows you to directly compute your 3D model. Cluster HMMs (over 10.000) are available for downloading.


Bologna Biocomputing Group



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Damiano Piovesan, Pier Luigi Martelli, Piero Fariselli, Andrea Zauli, Ivan Rossi and Rita Casadio.
BAR-PLUS: the Bologna Annotation Resource Plus for functional and structural annotation of protein sequences.
NAR – Web server special issue 2011

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