BAPS 6.0 – Bayesian Analysis of Population Structure

BAPS 6.0


BAPS (Bayesian Analysis of Population Structure) is a program for Bayesian inference of the genetic structure in  a population. BAPS 5 treats both the allele frequencies of the molecular markers (or nucleotide frequencies for DNA sequence data) and the number of genetically diverged groups in population as random variables. However, analyses and model comparisons can also be performed using a fixed number of genetically diverged groups or pre-specified population structures. BAPS contains all the functionality of BAPS 4.14, and introduces several new tools for population genetic analyses.


Bayesian Statistics Group



  • Windows / Linux / MacOS





Corander, J., Waldmann, P., Marttinen, P. and Sillanpää, M.J. (2004).
BAPS 2: enhanced possibilities for the analysis of genetic population structure,
Bioinformatics, 20, 2363-2369.

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